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Monthly Archive: February 2017

Smoked salmon crunchy chickpea pomegranate salad

This special smoked salmon crunchy chickpea pomegranate salad has it all, crunch from baked nuts and chickpeas, smoky flavour form smoked salmon, lush colour from blue green kale and ruby pomegranate seeds. Makes you feel good just looking at it!

tuna cherry tomato spelt pasta

Piquant Mediterranean inspired flavours add zing to this nutty tuna cherry tomato and spelt pasta dish. Perfect for a fast week night dinner.

salmon love heart frittatas

Surprise your Valentine with these cute salmon love heart frittatas. They are easy to make, plus if you want you can make them in advance and just heat to eat[…]

tuna rainbow jar salad

Putting food in jars is very on trend right now. This tuna rainbow jar salad looks really attractive and to make it portable for a special picnic or lunch just screw the lid on and bring the dressing in a little bottle. Use whatever vegetables you prefer.

smoky tuna chickpea sun-dried tomato dip

Entertaining or just looking for a delicious everyday high protein dip or spread that won’t break the bank? This tasty smoky tuna chickpea sun-dried tomato dip will take you 5 minutes to make and its just so good I’m pretty sure it’ll become a new favorite.