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salmon spinach herb soufflé omelette

Don’t be intimidated by how posh this salmon spinach herb soufflé omelette looks, it is in fact, quite easy to make and it tastes incredible.

smoky tuna egg shakshuka

Hard to pronounce, but this smoky tuna egg shakshuka is so VERY easy to eat. Perfect for a relaxed Sunday breakfast or brunch, this North African style, baked tuna, tomato, paprika and egg dish, is a great way to start any day. Just serve with good coffee and bread and your set for a fabulous morning in. It makes a delicious light supper as well.

salmon love heart frittatas

Surprise your Valentine with these cute salmon love heart frittatas. They are easy to make, plus if you want you can make them in advance and just heat to eat[…]

tuna tomato coriander quesadilla

Tasty, full of vegetables and protein, these tuna tomato coriander quesadilla hit the spot for quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. Makes for a delicious family meal that’s easy to make and perfect any time of the year.

salmon chorizo baked eggs

Our salmon chorizo baked eggs makes for the perfect breakfast, brunch or lunch. In fact any time, even cold picnic food! Made from simple ingredients, it tastes great.

Tuna avocado with seafood sauce

Our tuna avocado with seafood sauce makes for a healthy lunch or hearty snack, especially if you like fresh avocados. Tuna avocado with seafood sauce 1 ripe avocado 1 95g[…]

smoked salmon breakfast burrito

A smoked salmon breakfast burrito is a great way to start start your day. It’s a light, tasty and fast breakfast which is full of omega-3! smoked salmon breakfast burrito[…]

smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs

This luscious and flavoursome smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs is the perfect breakfast to kick start your weekend! smoked salmon and dill scrambled eggs 1 x 95g can Safcol[…]

tuna corn and chilli fritters

Delicious and satisfying these tuna corn and chilli fritters are full of goodness, nutrients and packs a punch in the flavour department too. It’ll feed the hordes too.