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tuna freekeh salad

Looking for a meal that’s delicious, low GI and nutritionally dense? This tuna freekeh salad could be for you. Perfect for the warmer months but delicious all year round.

smoked salmon chat potato rocket salad

Potato salad is always a family favorite. This luxurious smoked salmon chat potato rocket version, add a new spin on an old favorite. It tastes so special while being very affordable.

tuna feta basil pizza

Pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods and here’s our tuna feta basil pizza.  What’s not to love, it’s fast, tasty and very affordable not to mention it makes a great meal any time of the week and even a great entertainer for when friend pop by. Add this one to your repertoire and let us know what you think.

pilchard puttanesca spaghetti

Safcol sardines are a great natural source of omega 3’s. Adding them to this simple pilchard puttanesca spaghetti is an easy hack to get extra affordable protein into your diet.

tuna pizza jacket potatoes

Everyone loves a pizza and a Jacket spud, so how about a combo of both? Introducing tuna pizza jacket potatoes, an affordable main meal for one or many! Yummo. tuna pizza[…]

Salmon potato broccoli cakes

These easy salmon potato broccoli cakes use only a third of the potato you find in a normal potato based fish cakes making them lower in carbs but still VERY tasty. They’re gluten free and make a great family meal too.

Tuna broccoli spinach mornay

This tuna broccoli spinach mornay is the perfect all-in-one meal! This affordable and family friendly meal certainly ticks all the boxes. It tastes really good too, so be sure to try it and let us know what you think.

smoked salmon red onion caper melts

A perfect no cook, well… almost, snack. These smoked salmon red onion caper melts are big on flavor, and they only take 5 minutes to make and a max of 5 minutes to cook!  Perfect for a lazy night in.

tuna tomato fennel caper linguine

Is this tuna tomato fennel caper linguine the perfect fast weeknight dinner? Long name, short cooking time, let us know what you think?

vegetable tuna pasta bake

Want a tuna pasta bake with less carbs? Then look no further than this vegetable tuna pasta bake. Sweet potato and zucchini replace half the pasta in this tasty tuna bake, giving you all the comfort food factor with reduced carbs. Perfect for a chilly night.