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tuna guacamole stacks

These tuna guacamole stacks are a perfect sharing dish for the warmer months and very easy to make. Oh, and it tastes really good too and makes for easy entertaining!

salmon spinach herb soufflé omelette

Don’t be intimidated by how posh this salmon spinach herb soufflé omelette looks, it is in fact, quite easy to make and it tastes incredible.

salmon mushroom baked risotto

Delicious risotto without the constant stirring! Our one pot salmon mushroom baked risotto dish is nourishing, easy to prepare and naturally gluten free.  

salmon leek potato chowder

Our salmon leek potato chowder, it’s warming and satisfying. Quite simple to make, this light and tasty meal is perfect with some crusty bread.

salmon pesto pea pasta

Our salmon pesto pea pasta is FAST and super tasty, so so if you are time poor and like salmon, you have to try this recipe.

spicy tuna nachos

Looking for a quick snack or easy meal? Look no further, these spicy tuna nachos, our version of the beloved Mexican dish will definitely hit the spot.

tuna salsa cheese jaffles

Aussies love a good jaffle and our tuna salsa cheese jaffles are a little more exotic than normal. They’re really delicious and perfect for a easy lunch, dinner or just a quick snack.

tuna feta pesto frittata

Is this tuna feta pesto frittata your next lunch box treat? It makes an easy brunch or lunch too. Tasty and very easy. Yum.

tuna Greek salad wraps

Tuna Greek salad wraps – easy fast and tasty, try these for your next lunch or maybe just a snack to keep you on the go!

spiced tuna chickpea quinoa cakes

These spiced tuna chickpea quinoa cakes with exotic Indian inspired flavours are packed with protein plus, they are gluten free and very low GI!