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open tuna cocktail sandwich

Thousand Island dressing always feels like a treat. This open tuna cocktail sandwich adds a great retro 70s feeling to your favourite tuna salad sandwich.

tuna feta basil pizza

Pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods and here’s our tuna feta basil pizza.  What’s not to love, it’s fast, tasty and very affordable not to mention it makes a great meal any time of the week and even a great entertainer for when friend pop by. Add this one to your repertoire and let us know what you think.

tuna guacamole stacks

These tuna guacamole stacks are a perfect sharing dish for the warmer months and very easy to make. Oh, and it tastes really good too and makes for easy entertaining!

spicy tuna olive pasta bake

The ultimate spicy tuna olive pasta bake! Does this sound like you? Big traditional flavours, tuna, pasta, olives, rich tomato sauce with chilli, herbs and a cheesy topping. Make this your next tuna meal.

tuna feta pesto frittata

Is this tuna feta pesto frittata your next lunch box treat? It makes an easy brunch or lunch too. Tasty and very easy. Yum.

tuna cheddar capsicum panini melts

Panini or posh toasted sandwich, whatever you call these tuna cheddar capsicum panini melts, it’s certainly tasty, not to mention quick and easy! Try it and tell us what you think.

smoky tuna egg shakshuka

Hard to pronounce, but this smoky tuna egg shakshuka is so VERY easy to eat. Perfect for a relaxed Sunday breakfast or brunch, this North African style, baked tuna, tomato, paprika and egg dish, is a great way to start any day. Just serve with good coffee and bread and your set for a fabulous morning in. It makes a delicious light supper as well.

salmon chorizo sweet potato croquettes

Our salmon chorizo sweet potato croquettes are guilt free comfort food! Well, these are crisp, fried and delicious, and if you use rice bran oil, they’re reasonably low GI and yes, delicious if slightly naughty.

salmon veggie sweet potato vermicelli stir-fry

Time spent chopping fresh veggies is well worth the effort for this super quick 5 minute stir-fry that tastes amazing. This salmon veggie sweet potato vermicelli stir-fry is also low carb, gluten free and very cost effective. Easy pleasey!

tuna Greek salad wraps

Tuna Greek salad wraps – easy fast and tasty, try these for your next lunch or maybe just a snack to keep you on the go!