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salmon spinach herb soufflé omelette

Don’t be intimidated by how posh this salmon spinach herb soufflé omelette looks, it is in fact, quite easy to make and it tastes incredible.

salmon mushroom baked risotto

Delicious risotto without the constant stirring! Our one pot salmon mushroom baked risotto dish is nourishing, easy to prepare and naturally gluten free.  

salmon leek potato chowder

Our salmon leek potato chowder, it’s warming and satisfying. Quite simple to make, this light and tasty meal is perfect with some crusty bread.

chipotle tuna empanadas

These chipotle tuna empanadas are a fast tasty snack can be made in advance and are perfect with a chilled beer while you watch the footy.

salmon hasselback potato pie

This salmon hasselback potato pie is delicious comfort food, and an affordable meal on it’s own for a family of 4. It also makes an attractive side dish.

salmon green olive polenta bites

These salmon green olive polenta bites are a tasty warm canapé that can be prepared the day before and baked in the oven just before your guests arrive.

wholemeal salmon pumpkin quiche

Our wholemeal salmon pumpkin quiche has crisp rich pastry and tasty salmon flakes. It makes this quiche a perfect lighter lunch or supper and you can serve it warm or[…]

smoked salmon quinoa brocollini salad

Our smoked salmon quinoa brocollini salad has it all – smoky salmon, crunchy quinoa and crisp brocollini. Combine all this to make a memorable, delicious and healthy meal. smoked salmon[…]

salmon pea zucchini and turmeric fritters

Colourful, light ,tasty and full of protein these easy salmon pea zucchini and turmeric fritters really hit the spot for a yummy weeknight dinner. salmon pea zucchini and turmeric fritters 2[…]