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open tuna cocktail sandwich

Thousand Island dressing always feels like a treat. This open tuna cocktail sandwich adds a great retro 70s feeling to your favourite tuna salad sandwich.

salmon lime ginger stir-fry

Trying to have more fish and vegetables in your diet? This quick salmon lime ginger stir-fry is big on the good stuff we all need more of, but light on time and hassle. It may be the perfect weekday dinner, what do you think?

tuna freekeh salad

Looking for a meal that’s delicious, low GI and nutritionally dense? This tuna freekeh salad could be for you. Perfect for the warmer months but delicious all year round.

smoked salmon chat potato rocket salad

Potato salad is always a family favorite. This luxurious smoked salmon chat potato rocket version, add a new spin on an old favorite. It tastes so special while being very affordable.

Skinny tuna capsicum mushroom soufflé omelette

Looking for tasty food that will help you stay lean. This Skinny tuna capsicum mushroom soufflé omelette will do the trick. Packed with protein to keep you feeling full longer, perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner!

tuna barbecue filos

A delicious medley of tuna, cheese and barbecue sauce surrounded by flaky filo pastry, these light and crispy tuna barbecue filos taste terrific!

smoked salmon horseradish nibbles

Full of flavour and ready in 5 minutes, these crunchy smoked salmon horseradish nibbles have an intense kick without the lingering burning aftertaste, that will keep everyone coming back for more. A great recipe to have up our sleeve this entertaining season.

salmon pumpkin salsa verde salad

Time to eat lighter meals and this salmon pumpkin salsa verde salad could be your new favourite. This salad is easy to make and has a zingy vitamin filled herb dressing with omega 3s from wild caught Atlantic salmon and crunch from zinc filled toasted pumpkin seeds. Light and good for you too.

tuna feta basil pizza

Pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods and here’s our tuna feta basil pizza.  What’s not to love, it’s fast, tasty and very affordable not to mention it makes a great meal any time of the week and even a great entertainer for when friend pop by. Add this one to your repertoire and let us know what you think.

tuna guacamole stacks

These tuna guacamole stacks are a perfect sharing dish for the warmer months and very easy to make. Oh, and it tastes really good too and makes for easy entertaining!