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tuna chilli cheese triangles

These tuna chilli cheese triangles are perfect for when you’re next entertaining, and what’s more, they’re 15 minutes preparation. You can even make these triangles in advance. Store them wrapped in cling film in the fridge for up to 24 hours before you want to cook them, then slice, brush with egg and bake when required. Too easy!

chipotle tuna empanadas

These chipotle tuna empanadas are a fast tasty snack can be made in advance and are perfect with a chilled beer while you watch the footy.

spicy tuna nachos

Looking for a quick snack or easy meal? Look no further, these spicy tuna nachos, our version of the beloved Mexican dish will definitely hit the spot.

tuna salsa cheese jaffles

Aussies love a good jaffle and our tuna salsa cheese jaffles are a little more exotic than normal. They’re really delicious and perfect for a easy lunch, dinner or just a quick snack.

tuna feta pesto frittata

Is this tuna feta pesto frittata your next lunch box treat? It makes an easy brunch or lunch too. Tasty and very easy. Yum.

salmon chorizo sweet potato croquettes

Our salmon chorizo sweet potato croquettes are guilt free comfort food! Well, these are crisp, fried and delicious, and if you use rice bran oil, they’re reasonably low GI and yes, delicious if slightly naughty.

tuna rainbow jar salad

Putting food in jars is very on trend right now. This tuna rainbow jar salad looks really attractive and to make it portable for a special picnic or lunch just screw the lid on and bring the dressing in a little bottle. Use whatever vegetables you prefer.

Low carb salmon vegetable fritters

These low carb salmon vegetable fritters make for a pleasant surprise. They taste really, REALLY good. It’s low carb, low sodium, very high protein and VERY low GI with masses of food for you vegetables and It’s perfect if you made a promise to have a healthier diet.

salmon green olive polenta bites

These salmon green olive polenta bites are a tasty warm canapé that can be prepared the day before and baked in the oven just before your guests arrive.