Salmon Blinis

Salmon Blinis

Salmon Blinis – a canape with a difference. You could prepare these morish canapes before your soiree and assemble them when you need them, alternatively, like Justine Schoefield, you can easily make them away from your kitchen, making them ideal for a treat if you’re caravanning or camping in the warmer parts of the country. Either way, these tasty canapes are perfect for any occasion with your favourite cool beverage!

Salmon blini recipes are very popular.  Here’s another recipe from the Seafood Experts.

Did you know a blini or, sometimes, blin, is a Russian and Ukrainian pancake traditionally made from wheat or buckwheat flour and served with smetana, tvorog, butter, caviar and other garnishes? Its roots trace back to ancient Slavic rituals. They are also known as blintzes, crepes or palatschinke. Source: Wiki

Tip: Blini pancakes topped with smoked salmon, make a delicious special occasion breakfast. Just make the pancakes in a larger size and allow 2-3 per person. Blinis can also be made in advance and heated in the microwave just before serving.

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