Tuna tomato pumpkin jaffle

Tuna tomato pumpkin jaffle

Tuna tomato pumpkin jaffle

Jaffles make a really quick easy meal, this tuna tomato pumpkin jaffle only takes a few minutes to prepare, tastes great, and is full of good for you protein and dietary fibre.

If you don’t have a jaffle iron, now’s the time to invest in one. In the meantime. this tuna tomato pumpkin jaffle would make a very tasty toastie.

Did you know:

The history of the jaffle iron begins with wafer irons in medieval times. These were used to produce flat, unleavened cakes and consisted of two metal plates with wooden handles. The plates were connected by a hinge and the cakes were cooked over a fire, flipped to cook both sides. The Belgian waffle iron was a direct descendent of this device. The original jaffle iron was likely inspired by the waffle iron.

When it was first advertised in 1949, the device was described as a “pressure toaster”, perhaps to trade off the idea of the pressure cooker. Its advantage was that the edges of the bread were pressed together to contain the hot filling. The jaffle iron was embraced with some fervour. There were even cookery demonstrations showing how to use it and the device cropped up frequently as a desirable prize at shows, social events and the odd charity “do”. Sadly, it could also become a weapon. An Illawarra Daily Mercury headline in December 1953 screamed ‘Wife hit husband with “Jaffle Iron”; fined £3’.

Source: Australian food history timeline

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